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Access .Onion links using programs other than Tor Browser? (VLC, etc)

It's easy. Goto Tools -> Preferences and set show setting to all. Goto Input/Codecs -> Socks Proxy. Type in your proxy address: After that, you should be able to access any .onion ...
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Tor connection green onion question

The onion icon is just an icon, and - you have to wait too, actually : it's just "behind the curtains", you can see it if you will enable Tor logging and run it interactively. The wait period is in ...
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Vidalia for ubuntu (vidalia: cannot connect to X server :0)

A similar question was also asked at AskUbuntu. The recommendation there was to run the following commands. They remove the AppArmor profile for Vidalia and restart Tor: sudo ln -s /etc/apparmor.d/...
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Port Reachability Test Failed _ detailed info

If you are using a router to connect to the internet you need to portforward (e.g. external 80 to local 99999, and, ext 443 to loc 22222). And, if you "cross-portforward" to a different local port ...
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Vidalia fails to start

STOP. Do not use vidalia. It is no longer maintained or supported by TorProject and have been deprecated for a long time. Using vidalia poses unknown risks to you and if you are serious about ...
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Vidalia fails to start

It is already answered here and it worked for me. How it works: vidalia needs permission or access to ...
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Tor stuck at 10 % Bootstrap

This most likely means that your university's network are blocking vanilla Tor. To circumvent this, use meek-amazon pluggable transport which works by making your Tor traffic look like you're trying ...
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How can a new circuit happen without closing all tabs?

New tor circuit for this site under the "Onion icon on top left" on Browser Bundle 5.0.5 gives you a new exit IP for a given domain, which might be enough for some use cases. Tested with TBB + two IP ...
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