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If your objective is leave nothing on a hard drive I would suggest to use the Tails system which include, among other things, the Tor browser.


Since NoScript 10.2.2 you can check NoScript Options>Advanced>Override Tor Browser's Security Level preset. Also Notice that in Tor Browser 9 NoScript's and HTTPS Everywere's toolbar buttons are hidden in order to further emphasize the Security Level UI: if you need to fine tune the underlying extensions you'll probably want to bring those buttons back from ...


Just add to reset the policy to "Apple only" (or whatever it was) afterward. The other answer is also wrong, it is fully possible to run what you develop with Xcode and also the Android Studio. Use System Preferences is a simple and easy way to do this. And of course you can download a key and patch it in manually also - but use the method that Apple ...

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