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cURL and wget with Tor

They will know you're (likely) using curl, similarly they might know you're using wget or pythons urllib based on the behaviour and other headers. They might be able to guess at other aspects of the ...
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nginx leaks my hidden service port number

I fixed it myself. I just added this directive to nginx.conf : port_in_redirect off; This directive briefly described in nginx doc: https://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_core_module.html#...
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iplocation.net Reports the Same Proxy, TorBrowser or Firefox (non-tor)

DO NOT USE A VPN WITH TOR This has been documented to be a very bad idea. The VPN will track everything you do, and destroy your anonymity. Just connect directly to Tor, and if needed to access Tor,...
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Protect against pseudonymous identity activity on a forum and traffic correlation?

Assuming the observer is watching all the traffic from your computer and also that specific server, I think your best bet to help mask your activity is to make sure you use Tor for more than just ...
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How to Detect Tor Usage From Old Network Traces?

When https://exonerator.torproject.org/ is working, it will tell you whether an IP address was a relay for a given date. Besides that, you can find old consensuses and search yourself https://metrics....
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List of attacks that try to trick browser to not use SOCKS/Tor

adding to the types you've mentioned there're two other kinds of them: Zero-Day exploits Tor browser is a Firefox by roots, so some Firefox zero-day exploits are affecting it too. It's OK for any ...
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