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cURL and wget with Tor

They will know you're (likely) using curl, similarly they might know you're using wget or pythons urllib based on the behaviour and other headers. They might be able to guess at other aspects of the ...
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1 vote Reports the Same Proxy, TorBrowser or Firefox (non-tor)

DO NOT USE A VPN WITH TOR This has been documented to be a very bad idea. The VPN will track everything you do, and destroy your anonymity. Just connect directly to Tor, and if needed to access Tor,...
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Is it safe to pipe profanity through torsocks?

Generally speaking, if it works with torsocks wrapping it, it should be fine. torsocks can cause some features to break but it shouldn't result in any leaks under normal circumstances. It's hard to ...
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Does traffic still go through Tor with this Exception Error in aria2c?

You could capture the traffic with a tool like WireShark. If it logs a direct connect to the used URL then the app is not using the Tor Socks Proxy. torify is maybe also an alternative for you, it ...
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