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I asked for a solution and got multiple answers. Recent macOS systems save their torrc inside the directory ~/Library/Application\ Support/TorBrowser-Data/Tor/. Important: Between Application and Support is a space. So the whole path is ~/Library/Application\ Support/TorBrowser-Data/Tor/torrc


If I understand you correctly, you are looking for other files containing tor configuration data. Having a look at the manual: -f FILE Specify a new configuration file to contain further Tor configuration options OR pass - to make Tor read its configuration from standard input. (Default: @CONFDIR@/torrc, or $HOME/.torrc if that file is not found) It seems ...


Take a look at this site: For me the internal keyboard of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 doesen't work. I use a bluetooth keyboard with an USB dongle. For the installation process I followed this guide: and also used etcher to flash the .img-file to the USB ...

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