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Same country does not mean same person. Have a look at the bubble graphs. Germany provides currently the most relays among them there are 645 guard nodes and 138 exit relays. So it quite likely that you select some relays from Germany. Tor looks for for relationships among relays and don't make connections when it assumes that two relays belong to the same ...


I couldn't find that info re: "entry guard" anywhere in my version of 7.5.6. Believe me, I looked. Long story short, I installed an older version, Tor 5, into another directory. I found it had a different entry point than my 7.6 version. I then installed two more 7.6 Tors into directories of their own. Each worked and had different entry points. I now ...


It is intended behavior that the entry guard remains the same over a certain amount of time (2-3 months). This is also stated in TBB (current version 8.0.8) below the button to get a new circuit: They also provide a link with a description and the reason. Here's part of it: That is normal Tor behavior. The first relay in your circuit is called an "entry ...

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