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There is a tool called torctl which lets you do exactly that. It is written in bash however, so you can only use it on Linux/OSX. By editing your torrc file, you are able to spoof your location. e.g. append ExitNodes {us},{ca} to your torrc.


Into file /etc/tor/torrc add new line ExitNodes {fr} StrictNodes 1 it will make sure to only connect using French exit nodes. If you are using Tor browser, then you may need to use different torrc file. Find it using: A) locate torrc B) find / -type f -name torrc


It is the exit node's public IP address Bridges are your first step into the Tor network while exit nodes are your last one. It is the exit nodes that do the requests through the regular Internet (or clearnet) on your behalf, so it is the exit nodes' IP address the ones the services see.

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