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after i installed newest version of tor, ran okay....Then the next day, when i turned on computer and opened tor, got updates, and lack of access to onion pages...the retarded answers people provide does not give me a solution: i uninstall tor, then access to onion pages is complete; close tor and open later, get hit with updates that once again block my ...


Why does Tor install to the desktop. This is fucking stupid.


Alright. After doing some search I didn't find such application, so I wrote my own. Tor Browser Launcher is written in Delphi using FireMonkey framework and compiled for 32/64-bit Windows architectures: Tor Browser Launcher Any further feature requests are welcome. The interface will be updated after your needs of configuration set. Regards.


I had similar issue after installing Tor Browser into "C:\Program Files\". The solution was to run Tor Browser as Administrator, due to write permissions into system protected folders like "Program Files". Go to executable file (or shortcut that you use for running Tor Browser) Properties > Compatibility and tick "Run this program ...

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