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As I understand, port 80 is blocked by another, unrelated service you can't or won't change. But are you able to change the config of that service? So you could set it to bind only to your clearnet ip port 80 (and not all interfaces / at least not localhost), so that you can set your onion service to listen on localhost port 80 and then configure Tor to ...


Which programming languages are used to write onion webpages Any programming language that you would use for normal websites (HTML/JavaScript/CSS for frontend/static content, NodeJS/PHP/Ruby/Python/Java/etc for the backend server). and is it possible to use tor browser on Linux distributions with obtaining full anonymity? You can use Tor Browser on Linux, ...


I've messaged one of the tor developpers and he's been kind enough to answer. In the rend-spec-v3.txt document, the function is actually specified in appendix A2. And the "HSDirV3" flag never existed. It'll be removed from the specification.

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