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If you ever have questions about what is legitimately Tor, check out This is the team that actually makes the Tor browser ad the Tor network itself. Here is the page for android. You can make sure that you are getting the real Tor Browser and not malware. The Tor developers stand by their work on Android the same as any other ...


Both of your questions are addressed by the Tor Project FAQ: Right now the path length is hard-coded at 3 plus the number of nodes in your path that are sensitive. That is, in normal cases it's 3, but for example if you're accessing an onion service or a ".exit" address it could be 4. We don't want to encourage people to use paths longer than ...


This setup may, or may not, be completely anonymous, depending on a whole bunch of factors, some extremely subtle. Adding a VPN to Tor basically never improves anonymity, though. Exactly how someone would trace you back to your real IP is in many cases more about how you use Tor, than Tor itself.


But traditionally for a regular non-onion site we usually buy hosting. Can I buy hosting for a onion site? Absolutely! You can pay for a VPS or a managed server or even co-locate your own server. Here are some things to keep in mind: If you use a VPS, what will keep you provider from viewing what's in your storage? If you use a managed server or you ...


1) yes 2) Depends on your ISP and Country 3) You could route your traffic through an additional vpn which would make it impossible for your ISP to see that you are connecting to tor. 4) No


According to this FAQ from the EFF, Freedom Host had a publicly visible IP address that allowed the FBI to physically seize their server: In December 2014, the FBI received a tip from a foreign law enforcement agency that a Tor Hidden Service site called “Playpen” was hosting child pornography and that its actual IP address was publicly visible and ...

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