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Sending a json request over tor to a Hidden Service Onion Address on port 50001

First post here as I've just started using Tor. I have a server running on a machine with a hidden service on port 50001. I'm trying to connect to it from my laptop using the server hidden service ...
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Tor onion domain: should the secret key be expanded?

When generating a tor address domain and keys the secret key must be additionally "expanded": specification for key expansion:
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One domain for multiple self-hosted services VS a single domain per service?

After generating a self-signed SSL certificate for a self-hosted Dash app, and verifying that it is accessible over tor, I intend to include self-hosted GitLab and Nextcloud over https. Hence, I was ...
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burpsuite onion http request intercept

I have an Onion Website, and i want to try and exploit it to find the Real IP-Address behind this Service. The problem: 'Cannot intercept Traffic from .onion' i also used this Settings in BurpSuite: ...
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I can no longer access many onion sites

So recently I have been unable to access some onion sites. At first I thought that just the site I was visiting was down but as I have done more research it seems like half of the sites I try to ...
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https://name.onion vs. differences

What's the difference when I visit the same site in Tor Browser? I call the *.onion URI or the *.org URI? Is there any difference when both URI point to the same site?
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Why do all the generated Tor v3 vanity addresses end with "d"?

Recently I noticed that all the V3 addresses end in "d". Some examples from search results ("Tor" was the search query): ...
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Can't acces onion sites with some links

So, im kind of new on this, I'm using Tor with Tails. I cannot acces to onion sites using links such as: [facebookcorewwwi.onion] (Unable to connect Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server ...
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