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Finding new .onion websites

My question is about the ways to discover new hidden (.onion) websites. With regular Internet domain names, we have search engines that crawl the web, and we can also resort to additional techniques ...
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How to get the hostname from hs_ed25519_secret_key

I'm trying to compute the v3 onion address (hostname) from the hs_ed25519_secret_key file generated by tor itself in python. I know i can just copy that file to the hidden_service dir and start tor so ...
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Sending a json request over tor to a Hidden Service Onion Address on port 50001

First post here as I've just started using Tor. I have a server running on a machine with a hidden service on port 50001. I'm trying to connect to it from my laptop using the server hidden service ...
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Tor onion domain: should the secret key be expanded?

When generating a tor address domain and keys the secret key must be additionally "expanded": specification for key expansion:
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burpsuite onion http request intercept

I have an Onion Website, and i want to try and exploit it to find the Real IP-Address behind this Service. The problem: 'Cannot intercept Traffic from .onion' i also used this Settings in BurpSuite: ...
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I can no longer access many onion sites

So recently I have been unable to access some onion sites. At first I thought that just the site I was visiting was down but as I have done more research it seems like half of the sites I try to ...
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https://name.onion vs. differences

What's the difference when I visit the same site in Tor Browser? I call the *.onion URI or the *.org URI? Is there any difference when both URI point to the same site?
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Why do all the generated Tor v3 vanity addresses end with "d"?

Recently I noticed that all the V3 addresses end in "d". Some examples from search results ("Tor" was the search query): ...
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Can't acces onion sites with some links

So, im kind of new on this, I'm using Tor with Tails. I cannot acces to onion sites using links such as: [facebookcorewwwi.onion] (Unable to connect Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server ...
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