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Is there a simple way to video chat over tor?

Imagine a group of people with generally low/medium tech literacy. They have some ability to tech-support each other. Is there a simple-ish way for them to video chat with each other over tor? I found ...
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How do onion services host anonymous chatrooms and what level of anonymity is present when using one?

There are many onion services such as Talk to John Doe and OnionChat which have anonymous chatrooms. How do they connect random users and let them chat with each other. How anonymous are users when ...
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Using tor with palemoon is possible or not

I just want to use tor with palemoon and want to know if its possible or not. I need tor because i can refresh the ips and needs works with imacros a program that repeat tasks. But how i can do so tor ...
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How do I join the #tor-dev IRC channel

I am new to the TOR network, and I want to get a good working knowledge of TOR so I can volunteer and contribute to some of the projects. However, I cannot seem to join the #tor-dev channel. I have ...
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Tor-Messenger : Recieved unexpected data

I am new to Tor Messenger.Tried using XMPP on Tor Mesenger. I have registered an ID on When I try to connect to this account it shows Error: Recieved Unexpected Data ID:(id) domain:www....
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Building an Apparmor Profile

I generated an apparmor profile for the tor binary that comes bundled in Ricochet: # Last Modified: Sun Apr 2 2017 #include <tunables/global> /ricochet/*-ricochet/tor { #include <...
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4 votes
1 answer

Connecting to freenode using irssi

This is arguably the same question as How to connect to freenode using Tor? except that the answers there seem to be outdated, as freenode now allows access via Tor again. However the instruction ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Ricochet tor version is out of date

At this point the tor binary is in version Ricochet ( hasn't been updated since February and is using tor version There are some major updates between versions. ...
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1 answer

Using Tox( with Tor

I know there's "Tor Messenger", but it's centralized, not peer to peer. So I am using "qTox" with Tor, which use Tox protocol (again, not "tor" but "tox"). The question is, does Tor welcome P2P ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to configure Pidgin without Tor?

I want to connect to an IRC server but the server is rejecting Tor users. How can I use Pidgin, or any other IRC program to connect outside Tor? I tried Pidgin >> Modify >> Proxy >> Proxy type: No ...
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2 answers

Tor browser and Google hangouts

I use tor browser for Gmail and Google+ account since April. It used to works good, but I have to switch on JavaScripts, of course. Gmail chat used to works good, but since today or yesterday Google ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Does Freenode IRC not support Tor exit nodes? [duplicate]

Whenever I try using Freenode IRC with Tor, Freenode says my Tor node's exit IP is banned. Does Freenode IRC not support Tor exit nodes? I get this error: -NickServ- This nickname is registered. ...
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1 answer

Can I use Tor to make Tox chats anonymous?

Tox is an open-source protocol for encrypted chat. It is not anonymous. My research lead me here: secure communication needs to be anonymous #356 Can I use Tor for this?
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6 votes
3 answers

How to connect to freenode using Tor?

I want to chat on a channel which is on freenode. I need to use Tor for anonymity. What IRC client should I use and how do I configure to connect to freenode?
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Video Chat with Tor

Is it possible to use a webcam with the Tor chat program to enable secure video chats? I have tried to find information on this topic, with no success so far.
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