I know there's "Tor Messenger", but it's centralized, not peer to peer. So I am using "qTox" with Tor, which use Tox protocol (again, not "tor" but "tox").

The question is, does Tor welcome P2P traffic? IIRC I read about the blog which Tor Project yelling "Stop using BitTorrent over Tor".

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Tox is pretty centralized and it's pretty terrible in a lot of ways, but those points aside peer-to-peer is fine. The problem with bittorrent is that it is high-volume peer-to-peer to a large number of peers. There is no problem with peer-to-peer in general.

If you want to use peer-to-peer, "decentralized" messaging over Tor, consider that a solution already exists: Ricochet

And it's not subject to all the NIH junk in Tox. Seriously just read their "onion routing" code, it is utterly horrific. It picks circuits by doing: node[i] = nodes[ rand() % sizeof(nodes) ]; which is wrong in so many ways it hurts.

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