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Masking my IP address when using `wget` or `curl`

I am trying to access/download a file on an old server which has geolocation restriction. I was just wondering if I can use wget or curl on macOS and change my ip address so that the old server allows ...
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how to configure exit relay geo location or country code?

If I'm setting up an exit relay, how do you specify the geo location or 2-letter country code of my exit relay? or how does the authority server know the geo location of a new exit relay? It is my ...
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Purpose of geoip Data file

Hi I'm very new to Tor and I was wondering if someone could help me understand what the purpose or function of the file: /root/tor-browser_en-US/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/geoip
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Tor server setup problem with geoip

I have a question about using Tor. I have built a tor server on centos7. To configure the access country, I set ExitNodes by referring to the manual. And download geoip and set GeoIPFile path(/etc/...
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Building an Apparmor Profile

I generated an apparmor profile for the tor binary that comes bundled in Ricochet: # Last Modified: Sun Apr 2 2017 #include <tunables/global> /ricochet/*-ricochet/tor { #include <...
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Do I need to configure a GeoIP database when using the ExitNodes directive?

I’m using Tor on Mac Sierra. I’m running a Tor daemon like so tor --CookieAuthentication 0 --HashedControlPassword "" --ControlPort 9050 --SocksPort 50003 The only changes I’ve made to the /...
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Setting the country of the tor ExitNodes

I'm having some trouble in setting the country of the tor exit nodes. Following this link, by adding the bellow entries to the ./Data/torrc ExitNodes {ru} StrictNodes 1 an exit node from the ...
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How to Run Many Tor Browsers at once all with different IPs? [duplicate]

Thank you for reading my question and taking an interested in helping me. I use the newest version of Tor on a Mac and the thing is when I download Tor, I do not end up with a "tor folder." I am ...
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Login location doesn't seem to change

When I go to my email service it tells me from where I last logged in. It used to be different locations globally. Now it says A1 every time. Where is A1? Why isn't my login location server location ...
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Orbot can't load geoIP file

I get warnings in orbot log that says GEOIP file cannot be loaded from /usr/share/tor. I run cyanogenmod with root access for orbot. How to fix this problem?
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