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Building an Apparmor Profile

I generated an apparmor profile for the tor binary that comes bundled in Ricochet: # Last Modified: Sun Apr 2 2017 #include <tunables/global> /ricochet/*-ricochet/tor { #include <...
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Load an html file in tails browser while offline?

Using tails 2.1, I am trying to open an html file in a browser from persistent storage / or usb drive. If I try to open in Tor browser (default), it is not loaded at all. (I tried disabling all add-...
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Tor.service boot errors?

"HiddenServicePort with no preceding HiddenServiceDir directive" errors from my syslog after updating to tor v2.8.6.1 in ubuntu 16 and rebooting: [notice] Tor v0.2.8.6 (git-2c0d81c26eefc1f6) running ...
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problem with obfs4proxy and apparmor (solved)

Finally yesterday I installed ubuntu 16.04 and after that I installed tor and obfs4. I add this line at the end of torrc file: UseBridges 1 Bridge obfs4 ...
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