As the title says, I am unable to use a custom v3 address generated with mkp224o. My hidden service is in /var/lib/tor/nginx. The contents of the nginx folder: authorized_clients (folder) hostname hs_ed25519_public_key hs_ed25519_secret_key

I replaced the files in the nginx folder with the generated files and it didn't work as I was not able to connect and I restarted everything that was possible. After this, I deleted the whole nginx folder and rebooted everything. I updated the domain name in nginx and the website worked with a default generated address. Then I tried to delete everything in nginx and replace contents with the generated files. Still doesn't work. What do you think might be the issue? It's not related to nginx as I update the domain name and all the settings in the config.

  • This is not an application that the Tor Project created. It is a program that a third party wrote. I would suggest putting in an issue with the developer directly. github.com/cathugger/mkp224o – JSEvans Mar 21 at 16:43
  • Not a pretty answer but some checkout points: 1) check the output of tor: do not use tor daemon. but use as a command line application. 2) wait for HSDirs to be updated. They may be the cause of the problem. Hope it helps. – Mir Saman Mar 22 at 22:31

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