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Tor Relay: Alleged Family Members

First of all sorry for my English. I had 2 Tor relays and now 1 is gone. I cleared "MyFamily" in torrc, and after some time dead relay disappeared from "Effective Family Members" in Tor Metrics ...
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Adding a 2nd Tor node on the same Pc

I have been running my Tor node since July 2016 and I have been reading the emails on the with interest, sometimes confused as to what they are talking about. It was ...
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What is the point of a relay family?

Consider the following recommendation, taken from the official FAQ : You should set MyFamily if you have administrative control of the computers or of their network, even if they're not all in ...
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Path selection constraints not working as expected

From Section 2.2 of the path specification We do not choose any router in the same family as another in the same path. (Two routers are in the same family if each one lists the other in ...
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Should the MyFamily option be set for bridges?

I am running two relays and a couple of bridges. Currently only the relays have the MyFamily option set. Should the bridges also have it set? Should they include the relays or should they not? Is this ...
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