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Malicious relays: why doesn't Tor use certificates for relays?

For many years, Tor is having issues with malicious relays. Verifying/contacting operators via their email addresses seems to be not an option. Wouldn't it be feasible for the Tor project to set up a ...
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How is a Tor relay's advertised bandwidth verified?

Back in 2007, Bauer et al. showed that a relay-level adversary could lie about their bandwidth capabilities, thus unfairly increasing the chance of having their relay selected in Tor circuits [^1]. ...
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Do the Tor network nodes store the clients' IP by default?

Imagine the following police investigation: Investigators request information from, for example, Facebook, from a certain profile. Facebook delivers the IP address associated with the profile, and ...
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What is the point of a relay family?

Consider the following recommendation, taken from the official FAQ : You should set MyFamily if you have administrative control of the computers or of their network, even if they're not all in ...
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What if a powerful adversary controls a lot of relays?

Given that anyone can set up a relay server, what if a powerful adversary sets up a lot of relays around the world?
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Does a Tor node "know" what layer of the onion they are in?

I think a Tor circuit looks like this when sent Key1.Encrypt(Key2.Encrypt(Key3.Encrypt(Key4.Encrypt(Key5.encrypt(DATA))))); ... where KeyX represents the RSA or ECC encryption of a node in the chain....
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How can we get more community-operated (non-NSA) Tor relays set up?

One of the greatest threats I can see to the anonymity of the Tor network and its users, is NSA/GCHQ (etc.)-operated Tor nodes. No matter how state-of-the-art 'good practice' a Tor user adheres to - ...
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Probability by bandwidth: Using multiple or one Relay with equal total Bandwidth

Is there a higher probability, if an attacker is using one OR of bandwidth 5 MB/s than 5 ORs with each 1 MB/s? If you calculate the probability of picking a certain OR, you can use the weighted ...
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Cannot find the Amazon E2C Image describes an image that can be used in Amazon E2C service. It mentions that this image is already configured with package updates and port forwarding. The images have been ...
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Editing the torrc file to set up a Tor Exit Relay in Ubuntu 14.01 LTS server

I would like to know the changes required in the following torrc file to configure tor running on my server to be a Tor relay and or a Tor Exit relay. I think I would first start with a Tor middle ...
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Is traffic analysis easier for relay adversaries than for network adversaries?

I gather that relay adversaries employ traffic analysis to determine that two of their relays are part of the same circuit. And I vaguely recall a comment, perhaps on the Tor Project blog, that ...
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