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Questions tagged [bitcoin]

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1 answer

How to block connections to TOR bitcoin nodes?

I'm looking for precisely the opposite. Any suggestions? How to block connections to TOR nodes and only accept other nodes? Can I configure it through the Bitcoin Core Console, in the config file? ...
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If you can send thousands of dollars on the Internet, why not ballots?

To my understanding, Bitcoin can be sent quickly, anonymously, and fairly safely. But if you don’t need to spend physical notes (or in the case of debit cards, redeem your money for physical notes) ...
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What other cryptocurrencies and financial innovations are gaining adoption on the darknet besides Bitcoin and Monero?

Besides bitcoin and monero, has the crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) boom given rise to any sort of other illicit trade or past-time surrounding the thousands of altcoins in circulation on ...
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Are .onion sites decentralized?

Blockchain technology has given rise to something called "decentralized domains" like .crypto that cannot be censored, nor rented (in the case of, unlike DNS domains like .com ...
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What did Darknet shoppers use before Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was only invented in 2008. Darknet has a much longer history than that. Given that Bitcoin first became a dominant currency on the darknet, and still is, what were darknet users using for a ...
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Month-long bitcoin subscription on .onion sites: How are returning subscribers identified each day?

If a month-long subscription is paid in Bitcoin to an .onion site using Tor browser, how does that site still recognize/identify the same anonymous user when the return in subsequent sessions, given ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Bitcoin types of onion address

I'm running a bitcoin core full node with Tor and I've configured a hidden service for that. The point is: bitcoin core log shows me an onion address which is very smaller than the one I found in /...
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2 answers

Is it save to use Bitcoin over Tor?

Is it safe to make payments with BTC etc. over Tor? Is it safe to use web wallets (https)? Is it safe to use desktop wallets (Electrum)? Could exit node operators steal my login credentials or my ...
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0 answers

Is it possible to use a Bitcoin hardware wallet with Tails?

Is it possible to use a Bitcoin hardware wallet with the Electrum installed in Tails? It looks like there might be some libraries required for to access these devices over USB.
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Electrum Doesn't Use Persistence in TAILS OS

I've been trying to set up a BitCoin wallet in TAILS OS. Every time I enter into the Electrum application, I am warned that Electrum is not configured to use persistence on my USB, that I'll lose my ...
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Which one is preferable :electrum or in the sense of anonymity?

What is better option, electrum or when using Tor, regarding anonymity? I read here: that it's possible to ...
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