I'm trying to redirect some port 443 connections through tor using redsocks. But when redsocks accesses tor, the client connections get dropped, and tor gives this warning:

[warn] Missing mapping for virtual address '[scrubbed]'. Refusing.

I'm using Tor and redsocks/0.4 with Osx 10.9.

The redirection is done with pfctl in pf.conf like this:

rdr pass on $src inet proto tcp from any to any port 443 -> port 8888

I don't have an idea what the issue is here. Plz, someone help! :)

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For that to work, you need a SocksPort line in Tor's configuration file, torrc. Using OS X, that's probably ~/.tor/torrc or /Library/Tor/torrc. You need to add this line:

SocksPort 8888

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