I'm new to Tor and P2P applications so I'm completely lost with what approach I should go with, if someone could give me some guidance I'd really appreciate it (I know using p2p is not good in Tor because of the resources but I need to it like this)

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Using p2p with Tor is absolutely normal ! Just resolve your peers as an onion addresses, and it will be just fine! To utilize your application needs - map it's ports in your config and pin them statically in your app's config. That's it!

  • Could you point me to a guide to follow or something alike? I've been trying for a whole week to create and connect 2 different hidden services but I'm having trouble finding a good explanation. I've been using Python with Flask and Stem but yeah, having a lot of troubles. I see a lot of examples using sockets but I want to display something on a webserver, on Tor and yeah, I can't really find anything near what I want/need
    – Pedro
    Commented Mar 13 at 21:32
  • Using python and Flask - keep in mind that you need to forward your Flask port for a hidden service and declare it's hostname as an onion address. PM me on facebook page from my profile and I will be able to give you more direct answers if you need
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Commented Mar 14 at 9:26

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