I've got a local running server and I want to add HTTPS to the requests instead of HTTP, that's it. I've seen the posts on Tor (like https://kushaldas.in/posts/get-a-tls-certificate-for-your-onion-service.html) but I want a free certificate, it can be a self-signed certificate, I want to know how to do it I appreciate any help you can provide, thanks.

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Self-signed is the only option if we're speaking about security! But you can make it even more secure ;)

  • That is what I was thinking. I get the unsafe website warning but the only option to not display that is to create a certificate based on a trusted CA and for that, I need to pay right?
    – Pedro
    Mar 16 at 16:52
  • For getting rid of the warning - yes, but should you? If you're having an onion-only resource, then don't pay. If you want to make a mixed site - make a CSR and send it to the paid CA, never use their one-pager where they will do everything for you and just send you the files
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Mar 16 at 20:15

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