i have seeen a lot of services like mail ones on tor that you can access to a page that describes it on the public web, or recieve mails from the public web.

This question is because i need to make a web on tor so anyone knows the owner but also to be accesible from the public web.

Is this possible?


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In that scenario, the service is not really hidden, as it would probably be easy to figure out that the clearnet site and the hidden service are the same. It is accessible through Tor as a .onion address, so people can visit your site anonymously.

You can turn any web server into a hidden service. Or rather: you can point a Tor HS at any web server. You don't even have to host the web server yourself.

Just set up a web site anywhere. Then run a Tor with a HiddenServicePort that points to your web site. Your Tor may run on the same host as your web server but it doesn't need to.


To setup a Tor hidden service, you're allowing a certain port (your web service) to be accessible via the Tor network. In the same way that you can provide a port to the Internet.

Choose your web server of choice, set it up to be public on the Internet, then also run a Tor hidden service on the same machine and point it the same port that you're running the web server on. There shouldn't be anything special about it.

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