The Tor Browser is only available for: Intel-based 32 and 64-bit machines and only for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

However if you are using *BSD, or are using a non-Intel system such as ARM, you can use the Tor daemon but not the browser so what would be the best option for browsing on these platform?

  • I believe you can set up Firefox and similar to use a SOCKS proxy, and then point it to the port (on localhost or elsewhere) of the tor daemon. I believe that should work, but you may want to test it out first. – Birb Oct 12 at 20:16
  • It will definitely work. I've done it before. But the question is, is this the best option? – JSEvans Oct 12 at 21:40
  • Tor browser itself has a range of default settings and addons that a regular browser does not have. You should be able to mimic the tor browser pretty well in all aspects, but best practice? Not sure if there are any. – Birb Oct 13 at 0:28

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