Is there a way to define a custom level in the security settings? For example I'd like to use the "safer" preset but allow Javascript on HTTP. The reason is that I use a separate JS blocker which allows me to select which scripts to trust (and which not to). However I'd like to use the reduced set of Fonts and the other measures of the "Safer" preset.


No, this isn't possible and shouldn't be done.

The reason the security slider was introduced was to allow granular but consistent choices, providing intervals between reduced attack surface and usability.

Setting a custom level would make you distinguishable from other Tor Browser users, which would defeat the anonymity provided by Tor Browser.

One of the considerations against the security slider is that each setting makes you look different from other Tor Browser users, breaking Tor Browser users up into a smaller anonymity set and making you more trackable. Tor Browser aims to put all users into one anonymity set.

If you only need some features sometimes and want to not have them at others, you should set the slider appropriately for each situation.

  • Well, you cannot set it on a per-website basis, can you? There are still many websites that do not allow HTTPS and many of those do not work without JS.... - That would mean while using one of theses sites, all other websites can use for example non-standard fonts to track me..... From the perspective you mentioned, Using NoScript or similar AddOns would be a bad idea, as every user would allow different domains which results in a difference in the execution of JS just like my requested custom security level would do. Same for AdBlock/uBlock. – Edgar Hover Mar 28 '18 at 4:48
  • What is the consistency in the choice that I need special Fonts and HTTP-JS both or not all?! And doesnt diabling JS mean that a website cannot even determine the installed fonts?! – Edgar Hover Mar 28 '18 at 4:56
  • Using panopticlick.eff.org i noticed that "safer" does not reduce the set of system fonts liste via JS. What does this setting change?! Or does ist block to load some "malicious" fonts from the web?! – Edgar Hover Mar 28 '18 at 5:30
  • Yes, customising noscript or installing ublock or adblock is a bad idea and will reduce your anonymity. – cacahuatl Mar 28 '18 at 20:52
  • If you want to use sites with different requirements, e.g. one where you want javascript disabled and one that requires javascript, view them at different times. – cacahuatl Mar 28 '18 at 20:55

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