So I recently realized that while using TOR (TOR bundle) that a site that wouldnt block out anyone because they use tor, has cloudflare service stating that they need to check the security of my browser which just sends me through endless loops of captchas and reloading over and over to verify im a human. Later on I was completely blocked out. Now im at the point where it says that i need to enable java script. This was happening while i had been using a VPN before connecting to TOR, an obfs4 bridge which probably isnt needed, setting security settings to safest, prioritize onion urls, HTTPS. I have never had a single issue with the site for some time now. Tried to use Tails OS and the problem is still happening which is very frustrating. When checking out browserleaks website and while on tails it said that the IP that was being used had been identified as a tor exit relay (something like "two of the same IPs have been identified as using being tor exit relays"). Its on a list of relays further on the page and the IP has the word reject next to it. I've never volunteered to run an exit relay and am hoping to figure out a way to discontinue these captchas everywhere I go on TOR and allow access to sites.

Thanks for any advice as to how to get out of this annoying situation. Appreciate it so much community, Thanks

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Thanks for any advice as to how to get out of this.

If you want to use Tor, then there is no way around this. This is the limitation of using Tor. If a website does not want to allow Tor users, then it will block all Tor users and there's nothing you can do to get around that.

If the website is important to you then just use your normal connection + a VPN. If they also block VPNs, then only use your normal internet connection or use the internet from your phone which will use a different IP than your computer.

More and more websites are doing this and while many of us think it is a stupid decision, they are trying to protect themselves from bots and other forms of attacks that come from Tor users. The best thing you can do is to contact the owners of the website and make your case as to why they should allow Tor users otherwise you just have to work around the limitations that they set for their own site.

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