I've configured Tor to always have a US exit node, but when I go to the URL for Spotify Web Player, it says Spotify has not been released in your country yet (Spotify is released in the US). I have validated that Tor is using a US exit node, and have run this many times with different paths (always with US exit).

How can I resolve?

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Quite a usual situation even with VPN. The reason can be one of three:

  • GeoIP fail - There're a lot of IP-to-location databases, free and paid ones... And even the best ones and even combining the best ones can give you an artifacts like that: I used to win a one year free subscription to 4 databases by pointing my home static IP from Moscow to be identified as an Amsterdam by 3 DB's and other one supposed I was in Texas, US...
  • Poorly or intentionally configured website - Some IP-to-geo DB's can identify some proxies and Tor exits as not a country, but a zone like A1,A0,etc.. So if the system does not know where you're from - it shows "Oops, you're not allowed" screen without being specific in details.
  • Tracking script issue - Usually Tor will try to route different "streams" in different circuits, so you can hit this kind of situation either by hitting one of the first two cases by a tracking script "routing pipe", or just by a glitch. You can reproduce this situation by creating a page with a pack of different domains+IP's for a pack of tracking scripts and especially executing them from client side.

So just send a Tor "SIGNAL NEWNYM" over the control port and try again

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