So if I am using an unencrypted protocol such as HTTP, and don’t self encrypt either- am I right to think that exit node administrators/ owners can actually spy on my traffic?

I am pretty sure that this is true.

So assuming that my exit node owner can- and has been spying on my Tor traffic- can they even get in trouble?

Seeing as Tor is somewhat shunned upon, and in many places illegal, and node owners are just volunteers- could they get into legal trouble?

Obviously this also depends on the country and if Tor is legal in that country; I’m sure there are many other factors influencing this answer.

I’ll also add that I do use Tor, but am advanced and resourceful enough to encrypt my traffic, and not rely on people being good.

I would never recommend using a method that leaves your Tor network traffic open and in the clear for anyone intercepting it.

This might be considered more or a legal question, but you peeps are professionals, so I assumed you might know.


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No, because they don't have any obligation to ensure your security. They are not hacking a thing when they are looking at any unencrypted content just by looking at it. You're absolutely right to encrypt your traffic yourself - it's solemnly up to you and nobody else in this world to secure you. Tor is legal everywhere, as to my knowledge - because Tor is just a routing protocol. The thing that is illegal is like a drug sold - but it's totally unrelated to Tor

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