I want to configure my Tor Browsers to use a private Bridge but cannot locate any documentation which gives the specifics.

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I think this is the documentation that you are looking for:

Understanding A Bridge Configuration Line

As an example, when you obtain a bridge from https://bridges.torproject.org, you'll get a bridge entry that looks like the following:

  • 4352e58420e68f5e40bf7c74faddccd9d1349413

Understanding the components of a bridge line isn't strictly required but may prove useful. You can skip this section if you'd like.
The first element is the IP address of the bridge: ''
The second element is the port number: '443'
The third element, the fingerprint (unique identifier of the bridge), is optional: '4352e58420e68f5e40bf7c74faddccd9d1349413'

Now you need to edit it as you need.
How to add this line in TBB is written here:

  • Much appreciated, I'll see if I can take it from here...
    – user15254
    Jun 14, 2017 at 16:38

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