I downloaded the latest Tor version and now need to configure a bridge relay, as the web site I am trying to view is still banning me (www.godlikeproductions.com). They must have very sophisticated IP identification software. How do I go to the "Configure" page since the Tor browser is now loaded?

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If a site is banning 'you' (they actually ban all Tor exit nodes) then using bridges will not help you.

Bridges are an alternative way to enter the Tor network, which can be useful if your ISP blocks you from connecting to a normal Tor guard relay.
Regardless of whether you use a bridge or not, you still exit the network through the same exit nodes.

In order to visit that site, you can look for a different VPN or proxy service, one that they haven't banned.

(Edit to add, to answer the actual question..)

To setup bridges,

  • Click on the Tor Button,
  • Select 'Tor Network Settings',
  • Check 'My Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks connections to the Tor network'.

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