I have the updated version of Tor, but there is no console after the Tor connection is made and the browser comes up. I would like to run a Tor relay but am unable to due to lack of Tor console. Thank you.

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I suggest running a Tor relay separate from your Tor Browser Bundle's Tor client instance. This way, you can leave the relay up when you restart your Tor Browser Bundle, and the configurations won't collide.

Some examples:

For Mac OS X, you can use the MacPorts package system to 'sudo port install tor', or use Homebrew to 'brew install tor' or use Homebrew recipes for development versions of Tor. See also Tor Project: Mac OS X Install Instructions for more Homebrew and configuration ideas. All those will install a system or user Tor binary for the relay to use.

For Debian/Ubuntu, the Tor relay configuration instructions state the following:

Do not use the packages in Ubuntu's universe. If you're on Ubuntu or if you want to track newer Tor packages, follow the Tor on Ubuntu or Debian instructions to use our repository.

On MS Windows, check the Tor Project's package repository for an appropriate relay bundle.

For all of those, you will want to also read up on Configuring a Tor relay.

And most importantly, thank you for running a relay.


Tor's official instructions on how to run a relay:


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