I would like to contribute to the cause by running a Tor Relay. After spending the last week researching, I am still unable to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the MINIMUM COMPUTER requirements? May I run the relay on an older MacBook Pro? How about an older iMac? Do I need something high-end ($$$)?

  2. What are the PREFERRED ROUTER requirements? Do I need to upgrade from my generic ISP router, or should I purchase something more specific to support the cause?

  3. I live in the boon-docks and must connect to the Internet through DSL with the only cable/telephone company that services my area. Will a Tor Relay work with DSL service?

  4. I do not have the software/hardware expertise to do this, but willing to donate equipment and time to help. Is there someone within the Tor community that can help me get things up and running?


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Yes, you can do it! Let's run your list step-by-step:

  1. Tor's crypto is single core, sadly(until I finally debug and release my patch). So you need - basically - a dual-core CPU. One core to handle the crypto - other to do other stuff. Old Mac and iMac are OK, but be prepared for some complications compiling latest OpenSSL and Libevent on them. Minimal requirement is dual-core CPU + 512M ram. It will handle in no-GUI dedicated mode the single node of Tor fine. I've tested it on Raspberry Pi B+ - it's a singlecore, 512M RAM total, works fine!

  2. Try to use OpenWRT on your router, if possible - it will give you more speed. ADSL speeds are not a hyper-ones, so having 10Mbps down and 2Mbps up does not require much hardware in a stack. If your router can make it - it's fine!

  3. Yes, asymmetric connections like DSL are not a problem at all in running Tor

  4. Contact me on skype aves777 and on Facebook (https://facebook.com/avesnin) - we will bring it up!

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