I am using Qubes-Whonix. For a while now I have noticed, by monitoring ARM, that Tor attempts to connect to various random hidden services. Unplugging my connection results in rows of the following:

"[notice] Tried for 126 seconds to get a connection to [onion URL]. Giving up."

During regular operations, I sometimes find this manner of messages:

"[notice] Closing stream for [onion URL]: hidden service is unavailable (try again later).

I am not setup as a relay. Is this normal behavior?

It also does not help that today, while reading through the tor logs in a separate terminal window, ARM asked me to press 'c' in order to confirm if I want to purge the logs, all by itself. Visual glitches are not rare either.

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Not normal for Tor, but normal for Whonix.

It's sdwdate.

Details: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/TimeSync

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