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Serious TCP Bug in Linux Systems? I am not clear on how this TCP news ...
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Are there any effective traffic generation tools

One of the tactics discussed as a measure to defend against traffic correlation/timing attacks, is to have your Tor client sending traffic on a consistent basis. For example: If a client was always ...
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How can we get more community-operated (non-NSA) Tor relays set up?

One of the greatest threats I can see to the anonymity of the Tor network and its users, is NSA/GCHQ (etc.)-operated Tor nodes. No matter how state-of-the-art 'good practice' a Tor user adheres to - ...
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Is traffic analysis easier for relay adversaries than for network adversaries?

I gather that relay adversaries employ traffic analysis to determine that two of their relays are part of the same circuit. And I vaguely recall a comment, perhaps on the Tor Project blog, that ...
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