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Can onion service owners prevent their site from being indexed by darknet search by using a meta tag?

There are many multiple darknet search engines including and Torch. These darknet search engines index new hidden services every day. Can darknet site owners use: <meta name="...
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Are .onion sites also written in HTML?

Websites are primarily saved in .htm(l) format, being based on HTML (hypertext mark-up language), CSS, sometimes Javascript. Are .onion sites on the darknet no different, or are there unique coding ...
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Html5 android and win pc

I use google translate my two questions: Is it possible to learn the ip through html5 video if I have an android and orfox orbot or through a PC with Windows 7 and tor browser?
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html5 fullscreen [closed]

Watching videos via Tor in fullscreen stutters. Is there a way to fix it? I tried enabling hardware acceleration but it still stutters. I know that flash player is disabled because of security ...
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How to re-enable photo uploading for Twitter

When attempting to upload a profile photo to Twitter, I inadvertently selected an option from a notification from the Tor browser that stopped my ability to upload photos from my personal computer to ...
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How to disable html5 canvas image data extraction pop up?

Can we change it to never for all sites?
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Nature of HTML5 Canvas fingerprinting

I am something of a layperson, and have two questions regarding HTML5 Canvas fingerprinting. As I understand it, it allows the site to extract certain hardware and software information about the ...
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Profile photo - twitter

how do you change the profile photo in twitter on tails? It tells me when I try that - the website is trying to extract HTML 5 canvas data that can uniquely identify my computer, how do I get around ...
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Why did Tor quietly dropped suggestion to use HTML5 to watch video in youtube? Is some new leak or problem discovered?

Looking at Tor suggestions of how to watch youtube video, one has observed that the suggestion to use HTML5 to watch youtube video is quietly disappeared. Is some type of new leak, problem, and/or ...
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