I am developing new android app which should use tor network. First I think it would be easy, just download Orbot and configure it to route my app to tor network. Then I realize that I couldn't do that without root privileges. I could do that if I configure example wifi network use localhost and 8118, but then it will route all traffic and Orbot should be running too. I just want to set up my app to use TOR with Orbot so is it possible without root privileges? Any help will be priceless!


Properly implement SOCKS5 in your app (by properly I meanusing remote hostname lookup otherwise you risk the possibility of leaking DNS), this by default runs on port 9050 (on localhost).

Orbot also provides an HTTP proxy on port 8118, but I think you should prefer SOCKS5. (It's simpler and less likely to break in unexpected ways).

  • Deleted my response, this covers it far better then I did. – user5416 Feb 22 '16 at 10:56

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