I use Tor Browser for I2P. In the new version 4.5 I can't find TorButton. How do I change the proxy settings for using i2p, http 4444 etc. I don't want to disable it because "TBB has a Torbutton extension that "disables many types of active content " right now im just testing in about:config how to deal with this. I also want to know the risk of changing proxy settings.

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You can make the settings in about:config. Just enter it into the address bar and read+confirm the warning. When the config page is open, search for network.proxy. You'll see network.proxy.socks_port set to 9150. You can double-click on network.proxy.http_port and set it to 4444. You should also make some settings for other proxies.

When you're changed the settings, Tor Browser will immediately use it.

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