I believe outproxy to Tor network is safer than outproxy to normal Internet.
So, is more I2P outproxy available for Tor than false.i2p?

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The default port 4444 has the outproxy "false.i2p" but I check then I find out The default port 4445 has the outproxy "outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p".
When I try to use as the proxy for Tor-Browser, I get a lot better experience than use


Well, the ones you've mentioned - are very long-term ones and yes, they are using Tor. I2P has got some good amount of non-public outproxies, and that is how it has to be:

  • Same as Tor's exit nodes, outproxies are diversifying the ways/IP zones of the exiting traffic
  • Instead of Tor, private outproxy can be easily specified on-flight and used by the I2P client natively, there's no private ExitNode in Tor, sadly - and using proxy/VPN as a hidden service has some additional work to do and has nothing in common with the Tor itself
  • I used to spot some in I2P directories - check them

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