When I want to block tor nodes, can I mix country name and nickname and fingerprint or must I only use one of them?

ExcludeNodes {de},{dk},{se},{fi},PiratenParteiNRW,358F99684C6AF99282C6909247CACF5B66DA947D

additional info after answer: thank you for answer, just to copy here if somebody needs it:

A list of identity fingerprints, nicknames, country codes and address patterns of nodes to avoid when building a circuit. (Example: ExcludeNodes SlowServer, ABCD1234CDEF5678ABCD1234CDEF5678ABCD1234, {cc},

By default, this option is treated as a preference that Tor is allowed to override in order to keep working. For example, if you try to connect to a hidden service, but you have excluded all of the hidden service’s introduction points, Tor will connect to one of them anyway. If you do not want this behavior, set the StrictNodes option (documented below).....


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Yes, you can mix them.

The example in the manpage even has that:

     ExcludeNodes SlowServer, ABCD1234CDEF5678ABCD1234CDEF5678ABCD1234, {cc},

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