If a SocksListenAddress or SocksPort directive is added to torrc-defaults such that Tor listens for Socks Connections on anything other than, TBB will complain on launch that:

Something Went Wrong!
Tor is not working in this browser.

Of course, Tor is working. However, I imagine there is a reason for this.

Is it considered unsafe to open the SocksPort to the LAN, or is this a bug that should be filed?


At startup, Torbutton compares the SOCKS listener address reported by tor (the same as what you set in your torrc) to what is configured in the browser. See:


Most likely, the check is failing because != I think it should be safe to allow connections from any computer on the LAN, so arguably this is a bug in Torbutton. One workaround would be to use about:config to set the hidden browser preference extensions.torbutton.local_tor_check to false to force a Torbutton to use a remote check "Is Tor working?" instead.

Also, it would be better to modify torrc instead of torrc-defaults (the latter may be overwritten when Tor Browser is updated).

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  • On the question of a bug, I guess TBB as a whole is designed to warn about any modification, so the logic in torbutton_local_tor_check() is OK. On torrc/torrc-defaults, I would generally favour a fresh install to an update anyway with Tor Browser. – Keith Nov 6 '14 at 8:22

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