I would like to know how can I run Tails in my windows 8 UEFI. I have a Tails usb that works in my windows 7 (64), but when I put my usb in win 8, my computer does not start on usb, my screen switch on/off already. Do you have an answers for me?

  • In booting the Windows 8 machine, get the boot-device list, and see if it contains both legacy and UEFI devices. If it shows just UEFI devices, you'll need to create a UEFI-bootable USB.
    – mirimir
    Aug 18 '14 at 5:17
  • hello and thanck you.when i look on my start, i have got only UEFI and i can't start whith another OS. i try with ubuntu, kubuntu, tails... but it dont work! I hate Win 8.
    – olivier ll
    Aug 18 '14 at 18:35

You can not boot using windows8 BIOS. Go into setup and disable fastboot and then go other option and change BIOS type to Legacy or something similar.

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