I have verified the Download. Same ISO of Tails 1.3.2 starts far faster on a 2009 Mac Book Pro. A previous version of Tails also took much longer to boot, but eventually it would start, and probably would this time. I have the Ethernet cable from the router Plugged in, worked well for the Mac and in the Windows of the Alienware. I am starting in Tails Option Safe mode. While yes, it adds more time, I turned off the fast boot in the BIOS, thinking that while it would do a memory check, Tails is not the Windows 8.1 PRO. I turned off the secure boot and UEFI, and set it to use Legacy Boot. After 15 minutes booting on Alienware, I get past where Tails asks its long list, do i want to log in, Do I want to use a bridge. I choose none of those. I would guess it takes over thirty minutes to boot Tails in a far faster Alienware than Mac Book Pro. Absurdly long. I am guessing some Alienware hardware is giving Tails some difficulty. How can I get a txt list of what is happening during the boot, and see what it hardware it does not like. Or what might I try?

  • Thanks for Answering. The drive is fairly new, and seems to work pretty well with playing movies. I suspect that I should look at a file which has all the things which are occurring at boot. I feel that booting with a USB is essentially not very secure. However, I might give it an experiment..
    – frustrated
    Apr 8, 2015 at 1:41
  • CTRL+ALT+F1 will show the Verbose boot. CTRL+ALT+F7 will get you back to the "normal" boot screen. Failsafe mode shows way more info with F1 than normal mode.
    – qwertyomen
    Apr 14, 2016 at 23:26

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It may be related to your optical drive. If you are booting from a DVD then that might be the limiting factor. You may want to try using a USB stick, which should be way faster than a spinning disk.

A specific reason could be that the laser inside your Mac Book is better/less dusty or that the CD you used has better compatibility with it.

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