If, within the Tor Browser, I'm visiting a.com, and the loaded website does an AJAX query to b.com, will the AJAX query use the circuit established for a.com, or will the browser establish a new circuit for b.com and then do the AJAX query using that new circuit?

In case the first question is true, and I disable proxying through Tor, and I visit my local server at, and the loaded localhost website does an AJAX query to b.com, will that AJAX query to b.com use my public IP?

NOTE: I'm not sure if by circuit I really mean route.

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first part: no, they will not be going separately, because the browser(a tweaked Firefox = Tor browser) can not know what to separate from what.

second part: it depends on the browser you're using. For true firefox use FoxyProxy add-on to route all the things properly

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