Very hard to trust Tor, when no functioning install package exists. No install..I've done 25+...ever results in a nice clean install that doesn't result in unanswered questions.

Latest install attempt generates the following message during install:

aptSuggested packages: mixmaster torbrowser-launcher tor-arm apparmor-utils obfs4proxy

What is one supposed to do with these? If the install routine generates the message, why is it not covered somewhere in the FAQs?


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    Can you change your question to explain what OS you’re using, how you’re trying to install it, and the point at which the error occurs?
    – Steve
    Apr 22, 2019 at 2:30

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Generally with "suggested" packages you can safely ignore them

They are just packages that may be useful to you if you installed Tor

If you want to install recommended packages run (assuming you're on a Debian based distro or it has apt, otherwise refer to your package managers documentation):

apt install <packagename> --install-recommends

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