I found Can I use APT over Tor? (Debian and Ubuntu).

I wish to use Homebrew over Tor and didn't find any info with a web search.

The missing package manager for macOS (or Linux).

Why do i come to the question. I use a VPN which is friendly towards Torrent users. Many sites block my VPN endpoints and therefore I can't install all the software. Most of the time, however, the sites are still accessible via Tor, i.e. only blocked for my VPN provider.

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Sure you can! To make things as simple as possible - use a box like raspberry pi or similar to make it a tor-gateway: it can route all the traffic through the tor instance installed on it, so all your package managers e.t.c. will be just using Tor natively without ever knowing it! One remark here: if you'll have to reach the dot-onion addresses at the same time - do not forget to point your client's(macOS) DNS address to the raspberry pi routing box's IP where DNSPort from tor will be listening - it's a common issue that everything goes fine from DHCP but because of the client-side problem it's a DNS issue

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