Is there anyway to use tor network to securely access me email accounts like with onion?

I use tor browser to access my email account and sent my self an email to another email service and it showed my real IP address as the sender's IP address in the email sender's advance details. It also showed I was using tor browser.

I have a startmail account, but I cannot not sign in using tor browser. I asked their support why, they said its security conflicts between the two.

I would like to use email over a secured network like tor or onion is this possible?

Thank You


I have two suggestions:

1) If you like to use services such as gmail or yahoo which they have limitations for using TOR, you can set a VPN after TOR, which makes VPN's IP as your public IP, but you yourself connect to VPN through TOR. You can check more at:VPN Through TOR

2) If you want to create your own hidden mail service over TOR, which only you (and whom you've told about it) can access it, you may check my site for finding about the steps. I have used a simple but powerful email server named hMailServer.

The steps are in this link.

Configuring Hidden Mail Server

Information about how to access to the mail server using PC, can be found HERE. And if you prefer to access the hidden mail server using Android, refer HERE.

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There are mail services that actually provide an onion address like e.g. Protonmail:



If you are worried that your IP gets leaked somehow, you should use Whonix. When doing so, all traffic from your machine (not only Tor Browser) is sent over Tor.

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  • Additionally, Tails can be used as well as Whonix. – Mir Saman Mar 31 '19 at 14:25
  • protonirockerxow.onion the page loads but proton will not load after 10 minutes of it saying loading, it gives a message that says, the server is not responding. Please, try later. I have been trying this for almost 24 hours. – Mr.Bobcat Apr 1 '19 at 13:52
  • that is weird. it actually does take for several minutes until the keys are generated (or whatever they are doing). do you have javascript enabled (middle position of security slider)? they need javascript in order to work correctly. – Lord Vapor Apr 1 '19 at 16:26
  • Yes the security slider is in the middle. I tried again and it still won't load. – Mr.Bobcat Apr 11 '19 at 23:02
  • strange. i just tried and it took me only a few seconds to get to the sign up screen. – Lord Vapor Apr 12 '19 at 19:37

What happens if one downloads the tor borrower then the VPN app, which is fine, but one person had accedently used his own email address and he recieved a email from tor say confirm to continue but realized a video he was saw said do not use your personal email, but he confirmed it but he did confirm it and so tor is working through his email now but he dorsnt know if Is safe now. Like he just began and wrecked it from the set up he believes, and doesn't know how to rectify it. ??

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