TOR services are blocked in Egypt by the government. Even this website can't be accessed without vpn. Is there away around this? Thanks.


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You can use many different bridges to bypass the censorship.
You can learn about them here: https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges

Also make sure that your Tor Browser Bundle version is the latest. (At the time it is 7.0).
If you can't download directly from https://torproject.org, you can get latest version of Tor by email:
Quoting from https://www.torproject.org/projects/gettor:

Users can communicate with GetTor robot by sending messages via email. Currently, the best known email address to do this is [email protected]. This should be the most current and stable GetTor robot as it is operated by Tor Project itself.

To ask for Tor Browser, a user should send an email to GetTor robot with one of the following options in the body of the message:

  • windows: If the user needs Tor Browser for Windows.
  • linux: If the user needs Tor Browser for Linux.
  • osx: If the user needs Tor Browser for Mac OS X.

Also you can download it using Twitter:

You can send a direct message to @get_tor account (you don't need to follow). Send the word help in a direct message to learn how to interact with it.

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