I'm trying to use tor to test my website from UK. My website has custom content based on the geo-location of a user i.e; if a user opens from US IP he see's a US personalised content and if the user is from India he see's India specific content. SO while testing I tried to get only from US first by setting;

ExitNodes {us} StrictNodes 1

in the torrc file and it worked as expected and gave me access to the ip in US alone and the same reflected even in google analytics but when I did the same for India by setting

ExitNodes {in} StrictNodes 1

tor was still configured to India only but in google analytics I saw the ip was of US and not India.

So can someone tell me why google analytics is showing US for Indian based IP in tor. And how can I change it, so that google analytics shows India in its report.


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Although the procedure you have followed is exact, the Google Analytics might be using an exit node tracking mechanism, most of which are publicly available here.

On encountering such IP nodes, Google Analytics is pointing back to its default location, US, as the source IP is unknown, thanks to Tor.

You should actually use a VPN(s) for an exact analysis.

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