I'm trying to setup a Tor transparent proxy VM to work over IPv6. The Tor manual states that for the VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 setting:

When providing proxy server service to a network of computers using a tool like dns-proxy-tor, change the IPv4 network to "" or "" and change the IPv6 network to "[FC00]/7".


My torrc file is configured like this:

VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 [FC00]/7

However when I try to start Tor I get this error:

[warn] Malformed IP "FC00" in address pattern; rejecting.
[warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Error parsing VirtualAddressNetworkIPv6 [FC00]/7
[err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.

Looks like a documentation error.

This should be raised as a ticket on the Tor Project Bug Tracker. There are details on the front page for an anonymous login, if required.

I think that it should be of the format:

VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 [FC00::]/7

The default value, defined in the manual page is specified, in that format, as: [FE80::]/10

  VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 [Address]/bits
       When Tor needs to assign a virtual (unused) address because of a
       MAPADDRESS command from the controller or the AutomapHostsOnResolve
       feature, Tor picks an unassigned address from this range.
       (Defaults: and [FE80::]/10 respectively.)

Update: I've created a ticket for this so that it's documented on the official bug tracker: #19743 (VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 manpage entry correction)

  • Yep, that did it. It starts now.
    – Osirus
    Jul 23 '16 at 2:10

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