I use want to anonymize my DNS requests ; I've tried to put DNSPort 53 in torrc, restarting the tor daemon and polipo, even restarting my computer. By using nestat -atop I can't see any daemon listening on the port 53, however tor-resolve work well.

Using nameserver, I can't load any page


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"-atop", the t stands for TCP.

Tor's DNSPort is UDP. Try ss -uln. It's also not a full DNS implementation and it only handles A, AAAA and PTR lookups.

  • Indeed, nice idea to exflitrate data using udp nobody look at it, use "update-rc.d tor enable" to put Tor at startup, put "nameserver" in your resolv.conf file and "DNSPort 53" in torrc, ipleak.net don't detect my DNS server anymore, CLOUDFLARE COLLECT DATA FOR CIA
    – aaaaaaaaaa
    May 27, 2016 at 7:24

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